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    gram Center of CNSA.The ▓Chang'e-4 probe will also carry scientific payloads developed by the Netherlands, Sweden, Germany a▓nd Saudi Arabia."The Chinese and Dutch low-frequency radio spectrometers might help us detect 21-cm hydrogen line radiation and study how the earliest stars were ignited and how

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    our cosmos emerged from darkness after the Big Bang," said Chen Xuelei, an astronomer with the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.A German neutron dosimeter will▓ be installed on the lander to measure radiation at the landing site.Please scan the QR Code to follo▓w us on InstagramPlease scan the QR▓ Code

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    to follow us on WechatFlowers on the Mo▓on? China's Chang'e-4 to launch lunar springFlo▓wers on the Moon? China's Chang'e-4 ▓to launch lunar springFlowers on the Moon▓? China's Chang'e-4 to launch lunar spring04-12-2018 13:▓50 BJTChina's Chang'e-4 lunar probe is expected to do many▓ things unprecedented in space history after it laun▓ches later

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